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Notice of auction of movable property in bankruptcy proceedings
Start of publication: 23.03.2020
End of publication: closure of bankruptcy proceedings
Oliver Ennok, Oliver as liquidator of as Haljas (registry code: 10040963), publishes a notice pursuant to paragraph 136(1) of the bankruptcy Act (PankrS) and paragraph 84(2) of the enforcement Code (TMS).

The insolvency administrator sells by public electronic auction the assets https://www.oksjonikeskus.ee in the auction environment of the court enforcement officers and the Chamber of Bank administrators:
the insolvency estate is as Haljas's inventory, consisting mainly of:
1. Broken beans in a 400 g cans of tomato sauce “LA ITALIANA”, a total of 4238 cans;
2. White beans in brine “LA ITALIANA” in 400 g cans, a total of 4822 cans in

For more details, send the mother a info@cavere.ee or call 6844400.

Starting price: 900 EUR (t).

Owner: AS Haljas (registry code: 10040963)

must be registered in an auction environment on the asset page mentioned in this announcement with a permanent link: https://www.oksjonikeskus.ee/oksjon/view/?okid=52164 and payment of security of EUR 90 into as Haljas (bankrupt) account No EE022200221017942008 (AS Swedbank). Payment explanation: 'Guarantee for participation in the 3.04.2020 12:00 auction ID52164. Movable property'. The deposit shall be deemed to have been settled when it is received. The deposit must have been received no later than 03.04.2020 at 12:00. Subsequent receipts shall not be counted. Securities paid by the buyer shall be included in the purchase price and returned to the other bidders on the working day following the day of the auction.

Registration shall begin at 22:00 on 23.03.2020 and end at 12:00 on 03.04.2020.

A person shall be registered as a participant in an auction if the application for registration and the necessary annexes thereto comply with the terms of the auction, the deposit has been paid and the person may participate in the auction as a bidder.

The auction shall begin at 14.00 on 03.04.2020 and end at 14.00 on 10.04.2020. The interval at the end of the protracted period is 5 minutes (it).

Auctions shall take a step of EUR 90 (t).

Bids may only be made in an auction medium in accordance with the conditions indicated in the auction medium.

The winner of the electronic auction must pay the purchase price on the working day following the day on which the auction ends, in accordance with paragraph 93(3) of the TMS. If the purchase price exceeds EUR 12 700, one tenth of the purchase price shall be paid on the working day following the auction and the remaining price shall be paid within 15 days.

vis-à-vis the liquidator must, before the auction begins, be communicated to the liquidator of their rights in the property to be sold, if they have not yet been communicated to the liquidator, and the reasons given for those rights must be given at the liquidator's request.

, including the assets sold, the time and place of access, tel. 684 4400, info@cavere.ee.
Procedure No: 2-19-8478
Mr Oliver Ennok
, acting as liquidatorEstonia pst 1, 10143 Tallinn
Telephone: 6844400
E-mail: Oliver@cavere.ee
Contact details of the publisher:
Mr Oliver Ennok
, acting as liquidatorTelephone: 6844400
E-mail: info@cavere.ee
Notice No 1592702