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Notice of auction of immovable property in bankruptcy proceedings
Public from: 02.06.2020
Public until: until the closure of the bankruptcy proceedings
Best Building OÜ (registry code: 11675238) pankrotihaldur Saima Laumets publishes this announcement under Section 136(1) of the bankruptcy Act (PankrS) and Section 153(2) of the enforcement Code (TMS).
The bankruptcy trustee, in the public electronic auction, sell https://www.oksjonikeskus.ee in the auction environment of public bailiffs and the Chamber of Bank administrators assets in bankruptcy:
Residential land with Building number 1649638 (cadastral code 85603:001:0030) of OÜ best Building (in liquidation), area 3951 m ², address in the .\nTeise section of Põlva Valgjärve of the vald of Saverna, in Section .\nKolmandas of OÜ best Buildin (registry code 11675238), as owner, is entered in the tax and Customs Board in order to prohibit the disposal of a non-marked immovable property. 04.01.2018 entered on the application of the tax and Customs Board 05.01.2018. Judicial mortgages amounting to EUR 19 617.00 in Estonian Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS (registry code 10277820) are ranked first in the .\nNeljandasse section of the lii Hallikvere. 03.06.2017 entered on the basis of the order 8.05.2017. The judge's assistant, Ilona Kim .\nTeisele, is granted a mortgage of EUR 20 067.00 in favour of Investly Holding OÜ (registry code 12710066). 18.08.2017 entered on the basis of the order of 25.08.2017. A judicial mortgage in the amount of EUR 48 678.89 in favour of Investly Holding OÜ (registry code 12710066) is attached to the rank of judge's assistant Tiina Kullamä .\nKolmandale. 22.08.2017 enforced by order of 25.08.2017. Judicial assistance in the .\nNeljandale rank of Tiina Kullamä is secured by a mortgage of EUR 16 273,97 in favour of investly Holding OÜ (registry code 12710066). 7.09.2017 enforced by order of 14.09.2017. A judicial mortgage in the amount of EUR 95 971.45 in favour of Investly Holding Holding OÜ (registry code 12710066) is attached to the rank of judge's assistant Tiiu Karu .\nViiendale. 12.09.2017 entered on the basis of the order of 19.09.2017. Judge's assistance Tiiu Karu.\ nMsale the divestiture markings and court mortgages shall be deleted.\ n.
Opening price: 25 000 EUR(s). .
Proprietor: Best Building OÜ (registry code: 11675238) .
To participate in an auction, you must register in an auction environment on the sheet of assets referred to in this notice, the permanent link of which shall be: https://www.oksjonikeskus.ee/oksjon/view/?okid=53514 and pay a deposit of EUR 2 500 to the account No EE2510220215283220 of OÜ best Building (in liquidation) (SEB Bank AS). Fee statement: 'Guarantee raha 30.06.2020 09:00 for participation in auctions ID53514. Real estate: pond, vald of Põlva, County of Põlva'. The deposit shall be deemed to have been settled when it is received. The deposit must be lodged no later than 30.06.2020 at 09:00. Subsequent receipts shall not be counted. Securities paid by the buyer shall be included in the purchase price and returned to the other bidders on the working day following the day of the auction.
Registration in the auction  begin on 03.06.2020 at 09:00 and ends on 30.06.2020 at 09:00.
A person shall be registered as an auction participant if the application for registration and the necessary annexes to the application meet the conditions for the auction , deposit money has been paid and the person may participate in the auction as a bidder.
The auction starts on 30.06.2020  at 09:00  and ends on 06.07.2020 at 09:00. The interval for the prolongedend is 5 minute(s).
The bid step for auctions be 1 000 EUR(s).
Bids can only be made in the auction environment according to the conditions indicated in the auction environment.
The winner of an electronic auction pay the purchase price on the working day following the day on which the auction ends, in accordance TMS § 93 lg-s 3. If the purchase price exceeds EUR 12 700, the auction winner must pay one tenth of the purchase price immediately after the end of the auction, the remaining price having to be paid within 15 days. 
Before the start of the auction, the person must inform the bankruptcy trustee of his or him rights to the thing to be sold if it have not yet been notified to the bankruptcy trustee, and the reasons for those rights should be given at the request of the bankruptcy trustee.
The assets can be consulted in advance by means of an agreement with the trustee on the Mob. Tel. +3725069617 or by e-mail saima.laumets@dica.ee, Saima Laumets, the trustee in bankruptcy.
Proceeding no: 2-17-16879
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