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Notice of statement of compliance of an environmental impact assessment report
Public from: 02.05.2022
Public until: for an indefinite period
Tarbijakaitse ja Tehnilise Järelevalve Amet publishes this announcement under Section 22(7) of the environmental impact assessment and Management system Act (KeHJS).

Office for Consumer protection and technical Surveillance (TTJA) announces of having declared 29.04.2022 by Decision No 16-12/19-2442-432 Paldiski pump-hydroelectric accumulation plant construction project environmental impact assessment (EIA) report compliant with the requirements.

The energy reserve as developer of Pakri OÜ envisages a pump-hydroelectric accumulation plant in the city of Paldiski. It consists of an underground reservoir (depth orientated at 500 to 600 m) in crystal underground rock, chafers connecting it to the ground and to the seabed, and other land-based objects (control centre, substation, etc.). The operation of the plant consists in exploiting the potential energy generated by the difference between the sea level and the altitudes of the underground reservoir. Electricity is consumed when water is pumped from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir, i.e. when there is a surplus capacity in the electricity system or when the price of electricity is cheap. Electricity is produced by passing water from the upper reservoir through the lower reservoir of turbines if there is a shortage of electricity production capacity in the system or if the price of electricity is high. Electricity turbines/pumps located in the relevant turbine hall at the bottom of the shaft which, according to operating mode, produce electricity (when water moves from the sea to the reservoir) or pump water back from the reservoir to the sea.

The ground-based service complex of the station is planned for the properties in East Street 2 and South Street 5 (former Pallas area 16 and 18). The total capacity of the plant is planned to be around 500 MW. PHAJ has an efficiency of around 80%, i.e. that phaj is an electricity user in the overall electricity system because WORK is carried out to convert energy and the electricity subsequently received as hydropower is reduced due to losses. THE technical objective of the construction of THE PHAJ is the temporal optimisation of electricity generation and consumption in the electricity system.

The decision-maker is the TTJA (contact person: Liina Roosimägi, email, phone 667 2004.).
The developer is Energiasalv Pakri OÜ (registry code: 14107173) address Rae tn 38, Municipality of Paldiski, Municipality of West Harju, 76806, County Harju, contact: Peep Siitam, e-mail, telephone 5349 5949.
The EIA is prepared by: Skepast&Puhkim OÜ (registry code: 11255795) address Laki põik 2, Tallinn, 12915, Harju County, lead transcript Aide arc, e-mail:, phone 664 5808.

The EIA report and its decision  to declare it compliant with the requirements are available at SEE DOCUMENT Register,, document reference No 16-12/19-2442-432. The documents in the EIA report can be consulted in the register of documents under document number 16-6/19-2442-431.
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