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Notice of initiation of proceedings for an environmental permit'
Public from: 27.06.2022
Public until: 28.06.2122
Keskkonnaamet publishes this announcement under Section 47(2) of the General Law on the Environment (KeÜS).

Keskkonnaamet declares that osaühing MOREEN (registry code: 10353946) (address Piiritoa, Kaavere küla, Põltsamaa vald, Jõgeva maakond) filed environmental permit application T-KL/1012341-4 on 12.05.2022. At the company's request, the Environment Agency processes the shredding of Siimusti waste (concrete, bricks) (R12s; 3000 per year), the declaration of asphalt concrete (R5m; 4 000 per year) and the simultaneous storage (R13; 1 000 per year) on properties in Jõgeva County, Kurista village (cadastral trap: 24802:001:0630). The company has submitted a production control with the application (soil body for the production of aggregate; system 4).
There is a spatial and technological link between the company's activities in the production base of the Siimusti and in the land of the Siimu sister and therefore a single environmental permit is granted for those activities (paragraph 41(4) of the General Law on the Environment).

The by means of a request environmental permit and other relevant documents are available on At the offices of the Environment Agency all over Estonia.
The application shall be digitally available on in the environmental decision information system

Until the the granting or refusal of an environmental permit decision is made, any person has the right to submit reasoned proposals and objections to the To the Environment Agency. Proposals and objections may be submitted orally or in writing to an e-mail address or to a postal address Green 64, 80010 Pärnu. 

The draft of Decision to grant or refuse an environmental permit will be announced by the Environmental Agency in the Official Announcements. 
Roheline 64, Pärnu
Phone: 662 5999
Announcement number 1940553