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Notice of declaration of bankruptcy
Public from: 14.06.2023
Public until: until the closure of the bankruptcy proceedings
Harju Maakohus Tallinna kohtumaja publishes this announcement under Section 33(1) of the bankruptcy Act (PankrS).

by court order of 14.06.2023 in civil proceedings No 2-23-3290, the debtor, CoinLoan OÜ (registry code: 14453478), , was declared insolvent at 10.00 on 14.06.2023.

Martin Pärn (address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Juhkentali tn 52, telephone 601 2900, e-mail was appointed as bankruptcy manager.

The first general meeting of creditors will take place at 11.00 on 19.07.2023 at Harju Maakohus Tallinna kohtumaja room 2012 (teine korrus).

Creditors are required to notify the trustee in bankruptcy, no later than two months after the date of publication of the notice of bankruptcy in the Official publication Ametlikud Teadaanded, of any claims they have incurred against the debtor before the declaration of bankruptcy, irrespective of the basis on which the claim is incurred and the date on which the claim is due (§ 93(1) of PankrS). Claims not submitted within the prescribed period but recognised shall be satisfied at the final stage (§ 153(1)3) of PankrS). After the declaration of bankruptcy, only the trustee in bankruptcy may accept the performance of an obligation included in the bankruptcy estate and owed to the (§ 37 of PankrS).

The bankruptcy order is immediately enforceable (§ 31(7) of PankrS). The debtor and the petitioning creditor may file an appeal against the bankruptcy order within 15 days of publication of the notice (§ 32 of PankrS). The lodging of an appeal against the order does not suspend enforcement of the order (§ 5(3) of PankrS). The enforcement of the bankruptcy order cannot be suspended or postponed, nor can the manner and procedures of enforcement for the bankruptcy order provided by law be changed (§ 31(7) of PankrS). .

Allow the application of Alexander Schröder for CoinLoan OÜ to be declared bankrupt. Order Mr Aleksandr Faliusin, Member of the board of directors of CoinLoan OÜ, to certify on oath the accuracy of the information concerning assets, debts and the business or trade at 19.06.2023.a at 11.00 a.m. (Harju Maakohus, Lubja tn 4 4, Tallinn, 2012). Clarify that Aleksandr Faliusin is under an obligation to provide information to the administrator. Clarify that in the event of a breach of the obligation to provide information or of the obligation to oath, the court may impose a fine, impose a coercive measure or impose a seizure order.
Proceeding no: 2-23-3290
Harju Maakohus Tallinna kohtumaja
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