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Notice of an auction for an immovable in enforcement proceedings
Public from: 13.04.2024
Public until: until the end of the enforcement procedure or the end of the validity of the sales advertisement, but no longer than 1 year
Kohtutäitur Tatjana Afanasieva publishes this announcement under Subsection 2 of § 153 of the Code of Enforcement Procedure (TMS).

The bailiff sell the following assets in a in the auction environment of the Chamber of bailiffs and bankruptcy administrators electronic auction:
apartment ownership entered in land register part No 2696507 which constitutes a meaningful part of 408/13339 registered immovable with cadastral code 32214:004:0066 shall be located at: Ida-Viru County, Kohtla-Järve town, Järve district, Olevi tn 23-7 with a total area of 40.8 m2.

the 2-room apartment is located on the II floor of a four-story block house (1976 B.C.).

House Energy Label: No data.

The town of Kohtla-Järve, the apartment association of Olevi tn 23 (80258669) has been organised in the house. An apartment association has the right of security over apartment ownership in order to ensure claims arising from apartment ownership. The provisions of the acts concerning mortgages ranked first apply to the right of security of apartment associations (basis: § 44 of the apartment ownership and apartment associations Act).

The apartment property is prohibited from being disposed of by a notation in favour of bailiff Tatjana Afanasieva, which is to be extinguished in the event of the sale of the property.

Opening price: 3 240 EUR(s). The sale price shall be supplemented by an obligation to pay the state fee for the exchange of the owner..

Proprietor: CURAIS OÜ (registry code: 14338518) .

To participate in an auction, you must register in the auction environment on the asset page specified in this notice with a permanent link to: and to pay a deposit of EUR 324 to Tatjana Afanasieva's current account No EE081010011728369222 (SEB). Payment statement: “Guarantee money 13.05.2024 16:00 for participating in auction ID81822. Real estate: Lake district, Olevi tn 23, Kohtla-Järve town, Ida-Viru County. 'A deposit shall be deemed to have been paid as of the moment of receipt thereof. The deposit must have been received no later than 13.05.2024 at 16:00. Subsequent receipts will not be counted. The deposit paid by the buyer shall be included in the purchase price and returned to the other participants in the auction on the working day following the day of the auction.
Registration in the auction begin on 15.04.2024 at 10:00 and ends on 13.05.2024 at 16:00.
A person be registered as an auction participant if the application for registration and the necessary annexes to the application meet the conditions for the auction , deposit paid and the person may participate in the auction as a bidder.
The auction starts on 14.05.2024 at 10:00 and ends on 21.05.2024 at 10:00.  The interval for the prolonged end is 10 minute(s).
The bid step for auctions be 150 EUR(s).
Bids can only be made in the auction environment according to the conditions indicated in the auction environment.
The winner of an electronic auction pay the purchase price on the working day following the day on which the auction ends, as pursuant to §93(3) of TMS. If the purchase price exceeds EUR 12 700, the auction winner must pay one tenth of the purchase price immediately after the end of the auction, the remaining price having to be paid within 15 days.
Before the start of the auction, the person must inform the bailiff of his or him rights to the thing to be sold if it have not yet been notified to the bailiff, and the reasons for those rights should be given at the request of the bailiff. Persons holding rights which impede the auctioning shall, in agreement with the claimant or on the basis of a court decision, obtain the termination or suspension of the auctions before the day on which the result is distributed.

The debts of an apartment association shall not be transferred to a new owner in enforcement proceedings upon acquisition of assets.
To obtain further information about the object and to familiarize yourself with it, please contact the bailiff's office beforehand: tel. 3540020 (Office's open/phone calls are answered: E, N 13:00-17:00 and T, K, R 8:00-12:00) or email
Proceeding no: 197/2023/1403
Kohtutäitur Tatjana Afanasieva
aadress Puškini tn 20-M1 (I.korrus), Narva 20307
Phone: 3540020
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