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Notice of initiation of a building plan
Start of publication: 06.09.2016
End of publication: indefinite
The Pärnu Linnavalitsus publishes a notice pursuant to paragraph 128(7) of the planning Law (plans).

By order No 492 of the Pärnu Linnavalitsus 05.09.2016, a detailed plan for the properties of Betooni tn 2, 4 and Savi TN 14b was initiated in
The planned land is situated in the industrial area of the Niidu, in the area of the river. The size of the Betooni tn 2 property is 5929 m2, the land use of the cadastral parcel is 90% productive/10% commercial land. The size of the concrete estate TN 4 is 3012 m2, the land use of the cadastral parcel is 70% productive/30% commercial land. The clay TN 14b property is 4535 m2, the land use of the cadastral parcel is 70% productive/30% commercial land. The designated use of land on land as defined in the master plan shall be productive/commercial land.

The zoning plan plans to add to concrete 2 and Savi tn 14a and partly to concrete tn Betooni tn 2 (land to be created), to designate Betooni tn 2 rights, building areas and servitude for the plots to be developed, as well as to develop a traffic scheme, a green solution and architectural conditions. The land use targets for both plots are 70-100% for production land (T), including land in production buildings (TH) and warehouse buildings (TL), business land (Ä) 0-30%, including land in commercial, catering and service buildings (ÄK) and office buildings (ÄB). The production building on the site of Betooni tn 2 shall be extended to the part of the land which forms the site of Savi TN 14b. The building of the part cut off from the concrete Betooni tn 4 site shall be demolished, the volume of the building shall be retained on the remaining part of the site. Access to transport is planned by the existing route in front of Savi TN 14 and partly by crossing the Savi TN 14a site in
.The task of drawing up the zoning plan shall be to identify the most suitable building area (s) and building law for the plots, to determine architectural and urban conditions, and to define the parking and greening solution, as well as the proportions of land use targets. The building plan shall be drawn up in accordance with the urban development plan of Pärnu.

There is no need for potential studies.
Pärnu Linnavalitsus of
Greater SEPA 16, 80098 Pärnu
Telephone: 4448200
E-mail: linnavalitsus@lv.parnu.ee
Notice No 1001965