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Notice of initiation of a building plan
Start of publication: 25.05.2017
End of publication: indefinite
The Pärnu Linnavalitsus publishes a notice pursuant to paragraph 128(7) of the planning Law (plans).

By Decision No 36 of the Pärnu Linnavalitsus Council of 18.05.2017, the Pärnu City Government announced the building plan for the hop, Kaevu, Tihniku, street part of the Tulika streets, Tulika Street No 10 and kiige TN 7b site.

The planning area is located in the district of Rääma and includes hops, Kaevu, Tihnik, street part of the Tulika streets, and the properties of Tulika TN 10 and TN 7b. According to the general plan of the town of Pärnu, the area of land use in the part of the streets of hops, well, Tihnik, Tulika has a transport area (L) of 100%. Kikikikifikfiki 7b the land cadastre is intended for 100% public land (EIA), with an area of 1354 m ², while the cadastre of Tulika tn 10 is intended for 100% residential land (E) with an area of 826 m ². The area is covered by the building plan for the land at TN 44, established by Decision No 29 of the City Council of Pärnu of 18.06.1998, which designates the area in question as a “grey” forming part of the street.

The need to draw up a zoning plan is due to the desire to develop housing in the part of the land adjacent to the plots of TN 7, TN 62 and TN 9 (green area) by designing small dwellings (EE) for the purposes of land use management. The change in the land use control uses leads to a change in the main design of the master plan. It is therefore a zoning plan which amends the master plan.

The task of drawing up the zoning plan shall be to identify the most suitable building area and building right for the land, to determine the guiding purpose of the land use, to determine the architectural and urban conditions and to determine the parking and greening solution. The building plan amends the main design of the urban development plan for the town of Pärnu in terms of the land use management function, designating small dwellings (EE) as the new land use management in the part of the land designated for residential transport (green area).

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