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Notice of initiation of the integrated permit procedure
Start of publication: 08.11.2018
End of publication: 09.11.2118
The Environment Agency publishes a notice pursuant to paragraph 33(1) of the Industrial emissions Act (THS).

The Environment Agency States that the Osaühing koigi (registry code: 10028100) (address: Municipality of Koigi, Municipality of Järva, County of Järva) has filed an application for amendment of the integrated permit for a large farm in the Municipality, in accordance with paragraphs 50(1) and 5 of the Law on industrial emissions, and that the Environment Agency has accepted that application. The request is to amend the integrated permit as the operator wishes to specify the number of animals kept to the actual maximum capacity (maximum capacity of 550 for dairy cows, 40 for suckler cows, 280 for young animals and 180 for calves) and intends to align the calculation methodology for the emissions of the contaminants authorised by the integrated permit with the calculation methodology in force.

The application for integrated environmental permit and other relevant documents can be consulted in digital format at the offices of the Environment Agency in Järva, F.J.Wiedemann 13, Municipality of Türi, County of Järva.
The application is available digitally in the environmental decision information system of the Environment Agency at THE web address

Until such time as a decision is taken to grant or refuse an integrated environmental permit, any person shall have the right to submit to the Environment Agency his or her reasoned submissions and objections to the application. Proposals and objections may be submitted orally or in writing to the e-mail address or to the postal address F.J.Wiedemann 13, Municipality of Türi, County Yärva.
The draft decision to grant or refuse an integrated environmental permit shall be further notified by the Environment Agency in the Official Gazette Ametlikud Teadaanded.
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