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Notice of initiation of the prospection permit procedure
Public from: 02.10.2020
Public until: 03.10.2120
Keskkonnaamet publishes this announcement under paragraph 30(2) of the Rural Law (MaaPS).
Keskkonnaamet announces, that aktsiaselts Roger Puit (registry code: 10106076) (address Pärnu mnt 24b, 71020 Viljandi)The application for authorisation for the geological enquiry of the Ainja VII Research room submitted on 08.09.2020 (corrected application for procedure No M-111462 in the ENVIRONMENTAL Decisions INFORMATION system of the registered Environment Agency (EEA) on 29.09.2020) has been accepted.

Authorisation to carry out a geological survey is sought in the village of Commerce in the village of Mulgi, Viljandi, on a private property, Karumõisa (cadastral mark 60002:003:0320, new register part No 233139). The area covered by the requested survey room is 3.39 ha. The purpose of the study is to conduct a survey on mineral consumption in order to determine the distribution of mineral resources (sand, gravel), the thickness of the useful layer, the quality and the conditions of extraction. The studies plan to build up up to 15 exploration voids and up to 15 wells with a depth of up to 10 m; other planned ad hoc work: topogodetic measurements, samples to determine the steel composition of the material and, in the case of gravel, also the resistance to breakage (LA test). The study is carried out by Maavarauuringud OÜ (registry code 14346587, address sand 41, 50303 Tartu). The period of validity applied for is 5 years.

Application for a permit for a geological examination and other relevant documents can be consulted at at the nearest Office of the Environment Agency (+372 680 7438, info@keskkonnaamet.ee).. Digital documents are available at at https://kotkas.envir.ee/..
Until the #tk_menetluse_liik# decision is taken, everyone hase the right to submit reasoned proposals and objections to the On the application to the Environment Agency.  Proposals and objections may be submitted orally or in writing to the e-mail address info@keskkonnaamet.ee or the postal aadress Paala tee 4, 71014 Viljandi.
Keskkonnaamet will additionally announce the completion of the Decision to grant or refuse authorisation for a geological survey draft in the official publication Official Announcements.
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