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Detailed planning initiation Notice
Public from: 02.11.2020
Public until: for an indefinite period
Rapla Vallavalitsus publishes this announcement under Section 128(7) of the planning Act (plans).

Rapla Vallavalitsus announces that the building plan " by Decision No 43 of the Regional Council of Rapla Vallavolikogu of 29 October 2020 was " initiated in the village of Tuti, Rapla, with a view to laying down the conditions for the construction of two individual dwellings. The planning area of around 2,5 ha covers the island's land area (cadastral code 66904:003:0118) and part of the Suurearu-Põlendiku road. The planning area is bounded by the west of the river Baseuru (cadastral mark 66904:003:1052), the north by the Karjamardi (cadastral mark 66904:003:1191), the east by the Post (cadastral mark 66904:003:0089), the tn 13 (cadastral mark 66904:003:0159) and the tn 14 (cadastral mark 66904:003:0160) and the south by the Guide (cadastre number 3:90360661).

The need to draw up a zoning plan is apparent from the master plan of the Municipality of Rapla. The plan shall follow the principal solution of the master plan. Under the general land use conditions mentioned in the master plan of the Municipality of Rapla, development will give preference to enlarging and strengthening existing compact building areas, which principle will be implemented by the building plan to be initiated.

The need for further studies has not been demonstrated at the time the plan was initiated. Details of the building plan can be found on the website of the Municipality of Rapla in
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