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Detailed planning initiation Notice
Public from: 05.05.2021
Public until: for an indefinite period
Märjamaa Vallavalitsus publishes this announcement under Section 128(7) of the planning Act (plans).

Märjamaa Vallavalitsus announces since, by order No 209 of the Municipality of Märjamaa of 28.04.2021, a detailed plan for toominga TN 1 was initiated in the Lough of Märjamaa with a view to the construction of an individual dwelling.

The need to draw up a zoning plan is apparent from the Master Plan of the City of Märjamaa. It is necessary to draw up an up-to-date geodetic master plan for the networks. The need for other studies is not foreseen at the time of initiation.

The nature of the activity envisaged by the zoning plan does not give rise to a presumption of significant effects on the environment, with the result that a strategic environmental assessment of the zoning plan was not carried out. For more details on the plan: https://marjamaa.kovtp.ee/algatamine
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