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Notice of publication of a draft integrated permit
Public from: 21.12.2022
Public until: 22.12.2122
Keskkonnaamet publishes this announcement under Section 47(2) of the General Law on the Environment (KeÜS).

Keskkonnaamet declares that Teraviljakaubandus OÜ (registry code: 11005213) (address Pootsmani tn 25, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, Tartu maakond, 51017) the draft decision on the application for an integrated environmental permit submitted by Rääbise pig farm (hereinafter also referred to as “the installation”) has been finalised. Grain trade OÜ Rääbis seafarm is located in Jõgeva County, Jõgeva County, Rääbis village on the land of the pasture trail (land registration No 2829035, cadastral number 81002:002:0062) and Sirel pig area (land registration No 2895635, cadastral registration No 81002:002:0071) and the farm's main activity is intensive pig farming.

Brief description of the planned operation of the installation:
(1) an integrated permit is applied for for for for the operation of a farm with a production capacity of 3664 animal places for pigs for fattening;
2. the estimated production capacity of the farm is pigs for fattening, from which up to 1008 t of meat per year can be obtained;
(3) the normal working time of an installation is 24 hours per day/365 days per year.

The public consultation of the integrated permit procedure for a Rääbise pig farm will take place at 18.00 a.m. in Veski guests' house (Veski, Cantvillage, Jõgeva Municipality) on 26.01.2023. has been completed

, with an application for a complex permit of the draft(s) and other relevant documents are available on At the offices of the Environment Agency (for contact: Maikel Daniel, e-mail:, telephone 504 4312). In digital format, these documents are available in THE environmental decision information system of the Environment Agency in A BAG ( by inserting a number in the sub-section entitled “document register” in the menu entitled “environmental PROTECTION PERMITS”, called “document register” Reg. number in box numbered DM-100524, and by clicking the search document button. The draft (s) is (are) registered under number - DM-100524-8..
The draft (s) is (are) digitally available at

Proposals and objections to the draft(s) can be submitted orally to Environment Agency or in writing within 21 days from the date of publication of the announcement in the Official Announcements.
Proposals and objections may be submitted orally or in writing to the e-mail address or to the postal address Green 64, 80010 Pärnu and telephone 504 4312. Consultations with another Member State under paragraph 62 of the Industrial emissions Act are not considered as the installation is not expected to have a cross-border impact. There was no need to merge the EIA procedures and no further environmental studies were identified. Under paragraph 48 of the Law on industrial emissions, the integrated environmental permit is for an indefinite period.
Roheline 64, Pärnu
Phone: 662 5999
Announcement number 2017392